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No trousers Tube ride 2016

No trousers Tube ride 2016 – It’s going to be one hell of a tube ride!

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When we first heard about this event in New York 2002 we thought it was only a matter of time before Improveverywhere ¬†would becrazy enough to try this kind of stunt on English shores. As with most things ze euros beat us to it, but our time to shine our full moons soon came. People we are here to announce to you: the 7th annual no trousers tube ride 2016! This event takes place this Sunday 10th January 2016 and is designed to do no more than put a rye smile on fellow passengers faces. No doubt the stiff up lip of the London commuter will be tested with thongs and strings, no doubt someone will take the ‘no pants’ from the New York version to mean no underwear and go full commando.

No doubt someone is going to try wearing a mankini – stop it.

Where and what time do you meet for the no trousers tube ride?:¬†3pm at Pagoda, Newport Place, WC2H 2JR this Sunday. Oh the disgust that will be drawn on some passengers faces, get ready to turn away sharpish, or hop on an Uber – who no doubt might be making a surge related killing! Those taking part will have a designated route to take through London’s underground after which a designated meeting spot will be announced on the main Facebook page for everyone to gather for a pint or glass of wine. Of course at which point most people will be fully dressed. Feel free to hashtag #iclublondon in your pictures. If you wish to take part and be sponsored by iclublondon do let us know, we’d be happy to sort you out with some undies and a few drinks at the chosen venue! Cheeky!



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