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iclublondon updates!

Hello, and welcome to iclublondon updates!

In short these are quick bursts of information which we’ll be posting regularly to keep up with the fast pace at which we’re moving at and to keep our audience in the know as to what we’re up to in the world of nightlife and events.

First of all, the new and improved website has been moved to much faster hosting, which means pages load faster and ticket purchases are slicker!

We’re trying our best to reach out to the nightlife community and have made some positive relationships not just in London, but stretching to Margate on the coast of England, and beyond to Oakland in Los Angeles (more on that later). It’s been an incredible journey so far and we’re just getting started, more news in the coming months.

Along with our new relationships we’ve got a big announcement to make soon, as we’ve partnered with a ride hailing company to bring you free rides to our events, can you guess who it may be?

Finally (this is meant to be quick, but so much to tell!), we’ve looking into putting on our own events with the help of some crowdfunding, so look out soon as we’ll be sharing details right here on the blog in the near future.

Phew, that was a lot in one post, we have much going on, including new years eve just around the corner. So stay tuned and watch this space :)


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