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#MeToo: Is there Harassment on the Dancefloor?

It’s been a pointed discussion recently in the news and media – sexual harassment.

The conversation started in Hollywood, with the Weinstein controversy and has spread to the workplace and recently even a men’s only charity dinner. But one place where this conversation hasn’t been discussed and (maybe even overlooked) is London’s nightclubs and bars.

Over the years working in the industry, we’ve serviced thousands of guests, many of which are female, in fact about 65% of our online customers are female. During this time we’ve heard many stories about men harassing female guests inside the club, in some cases we’ve even witnessed it first hand.

We can only assume that due to an accumulation of factors such as alcohol consumption, dark packed surroundings, provocative dancing (e.g. twerking) most ladies brush this off as guys trying their luck. But are many of these cases genuine harassment, should we be taking these situations more seriously?


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