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Ghostpoet launches third album today – Shedding Skin

It was about 7pm on a Thursday evening, about 2 weeks ago. After arriving at Ghostpoet’s studio with the best smelling fish ‘n’ chips this side of Brick Lane I sat down to enjoy what would be the first full play through of the new album titled ‘Sheddding Skin’.

The fish ‘n’ chips was good, but Ghostpoet was amazing.

Joined by a few friends in the media biz we sat there and absorbed what was a coming of age for the form Mercury prize nominee. This third album realised the truth about the man behind the shades and beard, a return to the roots of what made him great with the experience and flair crafted on some of London’s biggest stages.

10 tracks plus 2 bonus fill the album and will play out in just under an hour. The journey however remains and is one you’ll want to revisit again and again.

Great session, we blessed the album with a double shot of tequila and a quick selfie – the right way to go.

Ghostpoet in front of picture

Do yourself a favour, buy the Shedding Skin album today on iTunes.


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