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DJ TAYE could be the ‘Teezus’ of Electronic Mixes

Born on the south side of Chicago, Dante Sanders (a.k.a. DJ Taye) has produced and released well over a dozen short EP’s and full-length LP’s. Producing since the age of 12, and djing since the age of 15, Taye officially joined Ghettotekz (reformed as Teklife now) in October of 2010. His continued efforts to release mixes and tracks out into the world of dance music has done quite a bit for the career of Teklife’s youngest member.

DJ Taye (pronounced “tae”) is our favourite DJ being played throughout the iclublondon office right now. Mixing his own electronic tracks with remixes of hip hop classics; DJ Taye creates mixes which reinvent the tracks you know and love, whilst introducing you to great tracks from the TEKLIFE bandcamp.

Check out DJ TAYE’s mixes on Soundcloud (click on the link) – Surely one to watch in 2014/2015. Email our contact to lose yourself in this genius sound, playing in the hottest clubs under our guestlist.



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