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Date in London with iclublondon

Here at iclublondon we’ve been listening to some of our single friends about the London dating scene and we’ve noticed that it has transformed from the arduous sign up to the quick and easy swipe left or right of Tinder. As Tinder are looking to cash in on the millions of 20 to 30 somethings using their site, we feel that it’s time for those looking for love to get back to the basics.

Remember when you would meet a guy or a girl through a mutual friend who you knew was a real person? Or you would bump into someone at a bar or even the nightclub and they didn’t send you an inappropriate picture before they had even said hello? It seems more and more people are looking for a place where they can meet new people, face-to-face and not be in a forced or awkward situation. However at what cost? Spending hours inspecting profile pictures and working out if someone is the real deal.

We’re looking into ways to improve this experience, to provide daters with great locations and help daters in London meet someone new; all in an easy and fun environment.

Stay tuned to the iclublondon blog for updates, as we’ll be be updating you here first very soon on how you can use iclublondon to improve your dating life in the capital.


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