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Amazing London Parties

Amazing London Parties

We’re always on the lookout for the best venues, to create the best events in London. Since our launch in 2013 we quickly became the fastest growing events & club PR company in London hosting over 1000 guests in our first 9 months on the iclublondon guest list.

As such we have close knit relationships with the clubs we work with. This means we can assure a great experience from joining our guest list to the taxi ride home. Whether it be exclusive club V.I.P. treatment your looking for or a last minute party with your mates; we have you covered.

Our events have drawn people from as far as Australia and the South Americas, and brought Londoners closer to celebrities such as A$AP Rocky, The Kardashians, B.O.B. to name a very few. Working with some of the most prestigious nightclubs and venues in the city, we bring exciting new experiences many hadn’t thought possible.

It’s therefore a nice surprise to receive so many recommendations from previous attendees who have enjoyed their nights out with us. More so than most PR teams our no.1 priority is to take care of our guests, we’re only doing our job when your having a great time.

And we aim to make each night, a night to remember.


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