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Brutal Attack on New Year’s Eve – Are We Doing Enough to Protect People at Nightclubs?

At approximately 4am on New Years Day, an attack took place outside Lotus Club following the Galaxy Gala 2019 New Years Eve event.

The incident involved student Krystal Mission and allegedly Andrew Akingbaje following a series of verbal spats between Krystal and a number of attendees at the event.

Krystal Mission on Instagram after the attack
Krystal Mission on Instagram after the attack

What followed can only be described as a brutal attack from a coward in front of onlookers outside of the Lotus Club on Clapham High Street.

Krystal and her friends arrived at the club venue just before midnight, the verbal dialogue with a group of girls who came in-between Krystal’s group and the front of the queue begun.

After a few short words, the tension dissipated and they went their seperate ways in the club. However as those who have visited Lotus club in Clapham, it’s not a huge venue and so the girls were always in close vicinity and could hear remarks made from different members of the group of girls.

As described by Lydia (One of Krystal’s friends also attending on the night) once the night had come to an end Krystal tried to address the matter with the group of girls who at this time had made their way into a car.

It’s at this point that the alleged Andrew Akingbaje started to assault Krystal Mission, in what turned out to be a two part attack.

“Then, out of the blue, this guy comes up to me and started saying ‘what did you say to my friend?”

Krystal was first punched in the face and dragged by her hair in the street, one of Krystal’s friends (Lydia) was pushed to the floor – this was not recorded.

It’s at this point that the security from Lotus Club became involved, but did not intervene enough to prevent the second attack which floored Krystal.

Following the attack the alleged then cowardly ran away.

According to other attendees communicating on social media, prior to the attack, Andrew had been showing acts of violence to others on the night. involving damaging a vehicle and assaulting another girl.

Andrew Akingbaje, aged 23, is now charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and appeared in custody at Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court on 3 January 2019. He pleaded not guilty, the case continues.

Andrew Akingbaje at Lotus Club in Clapham
Andrew Akingbaje


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